Duco Paint VS PU Paint

Duco Paint VS PU Paint (Polyurethane Paint) I 12 Important Difference and Similarities

Duco Paint VS PU Paint (Polyurethane Paint)

In this article, we will discuss the differences between Duco paint and PU paint and which one is a suitable option for you.

So, Let’s start

1). Composition 

Duco paint is a one-component mix that contains pigment and nitrocellulose.

Duco Paint VS PU Paint

on the other hand 

PU paint is either solvent-based or water-based which comes either as a mono-component or by component.

2). Finishes

Duco paint is available in high gloss and Matt finish.

PU is also available in glass and Matte finishes but the gloss finish level achieved in PU is better than in Duko. The Matte finish is more soothing in PU when compared to Duko

3). Colour Retention 

Duco paint when exposed to sunlight for a longer duration it becomes slightly yellowish. 


PU paint when applied indoors it stays the same. Some shades of PU tend to become a bit darker over a period of time but only if they are exposed to direct sun.

4). Durability 

Duco paint has excellent durability. 


PU paint is much more durable than Duco paint. 

5). Time for drying 

Duco dries faster, so it is preferred by most house Painters.


PU paint takes more time to dry.

6). Metallic Finishes 

Duco paint offers low quality than PU when applied on metallic surfaces.


PU is a premium quality that gives the upper hand in high-quality metallic effects on metal surfaces. 

7). Strength 

Both paints are stronger but PU has a better strength compared to Duco. It takes more time to dry but once it is dried it is more robust.

8). Flammability 

Duco paint is highly flammable.

Duco Paint VS PU Paint
Duco Paint VS PU Paint

on the other hand, 

When compared with Duco paint, PU is less flammable.

9). Environmental Safety 

Duco paint is not very environment-friendly as it is solvent-based and an exhaust system is needed during application to extract the solvent that flashes off the surface. 

on the other hand 

PU paint is safe for children as it is free from volatile organic compounds.

10). Expertise

Duco Paint VS PU Paint

Duco paint requires expertise.


PU paint calls for Greater expertise and cares well painting.

11).  Use 

Duco paint can be used on metal surfaces wood, MDF, HDF, WPC board, etc.

Duco Paint VS PU Paint
Duco Paint VS PU Paint

It is used for painting automobiles, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wardrobes, heavy equipment, architectural and industrial metal structure, etc.


PU paint can be used on plastic, glass, metal surfaces, wood, MDF, HDF, WPC board, Etc. Duko and PU both can be used on interior and exterior surfaces but PU is more reliable than Duko. So many people prefer PU for Exterior painting. PU has a greater level of protection against moisture and heat.

12). Cost

Duco Paint VS PU Paint
Duco Paint VS PU Paint

Duko paint is less expensive than PU. The rate of Duco paint is approximately Rs.160 to Rs.290/sq. Depending on the type of surface on which you are applying it. this cost is including material and Labour. 

For example,

If it is plywood or solid wood then the rate shall be more. Because a lot of sending needs to be done. and if it is MDF or HDF then the rate shall be less as the base surface is already smooth.

on the other hand 

PU paint is very expensive. it’s almost twice the cost of Duko paint. The rate of PU paint is approximately Rs.300 to Rs.400/sqft including material and Labour.

13). Process

The process for Duco paint and PU paint is the same. First comes the

Dent filling

Duco Paint VS PU Paint

then,  Sanding with 120 no. sandpaper

Duco Paint VS PU Paint

then, primer

Duco Paint VS PU Paint

 Sanding with 150 to 300 no. sandpaper

Duco Paint VS PU Paint

First coat of Duko/PU paint

Duco Paint VS PU Paint

Sanding with 150 to 300 no. Sandpaper with water

Duco Paint VS PU Paint

The final coat of paint↓

Only the change in the case of PU paint is after this process one or two extra layers shall be required for PU paint.

Still, you are not able to make a final decision then here are the final words,

Duco Paint VS PU Paint
Duco Paint VS PU Paint

If the budget is not a constraint and you required superior, high-luxury finishes then opt for PU coating. It will also last longer and the color does not fade or become yellowish. Especially used in an area with high traffic and heavy usage PU will last longer. The polymer coating in PU is very hard & strong & offers exceptional wear resistance making it the more durable option too.

Opt for Duco paint if you have a budget constraint or are planning to Redo the decor after a few years.

I hope this article will definitely help you to choose to make the correct choice between Duco Paint VS PU Paint.

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Duco Paint VS PU Paint
Duco Paint VS PU Paint

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