Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster

Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster

Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster – Rate Analyses

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In this article, I am going to show you how to derive the rate of gypsum plaster.

So let’s begin

Many brands are available in the market but for rate analysis purposes let’s take an example of

Gypsum plaster from M/s Saint Gobain

Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster
Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster

Saint Gobain offers two different types of gypsum plaster.

1).  Basic Stucco Plaster.

2). Premixed Lightweight Plaster also known as Elite plaster.

The density of basic stucco plaster – is 1000 kg/m3.


The density of Elite plaster – is 700 kg/m3.

Here we will consider Elite – 90 gypsum plaster which is lightweight plaster as compared to stucco plaster.

1 bag of Elite – 90 contains 25 kg of gypsum.

Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster
Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster

The coverage area for Elite – is 90 – 25sqft/bag for 13 mm thickness.

For analysis purposes,

We will consider the area of gypsum plaster – 100sqft

First, we have to calculate for 100 square feet area, How many bags of Elite – 90 gypsum plaster are required?

For 100 square feet area = 100 X 1 / 25 = 4

100 is the square feet area for gypsum plaster.

1 is the number of bags of gypsum plaster Elite – 90

25Sqft is the consumption

Rate of one bag of Elite – 90 = Rs.300 

Here make sure that the rate should not contain GST. GST should be extra because any way in the end the contractor will be getting the benefit of GST which is why we have to deduct the percentage of GST. So these Rs.300 excluding GST.


The Cost of Elite – 90  = 4 x 300 = Rs.1200 for 100sqft area.


We will consider 5% wastage = 1200 x 5% = Rs.60


Total material cost = 1200 + 60 = Rs.1260/-

We have also considered transportation, tools & tackles, and consumables @ 5%.

Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster
Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster

So we have to load this 5% on material cost = 1260 X 5% = Rs.63  

We have to add a 1% amount for safety which is enough = 1260 X 1% = Rs.12.6  

Now Total material cost = Transportation + P&M + Tools & tackles =  1260 + 63 + 12.6 = Rs.1335.6  

Now the Labour Part

Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster
Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster

While driving the rate of labour, we have to consider the productivity of labour.

(1 mason can complete 80 square feet area of gypsum plaster in 8 hours time).

So, Labour cost (1 mason for 8 hours) = Rs.1200/-

Here, we also have to take into consideration scaffolding cost.

Add scaffolding cost consider = Rs.20/-m2

Rate of 100sft of gypsum plaster = 20 x (100 / 10.764) = Rs.185.80

Subtotal = (material + labour) = 1335.6 + 1200 + 185.80 = Rs.2721.4 

Add 15% for OH & profit = 2721.4 x 15% = Rs.408.21/-

Total Rate for 100 sqft of Elite – 90 = Rs.2721.4 + 408.21 = Rs.3129.61/-

Per sqm rate for Elite – 90 Gypsum plaster = 3129.61(100/10.7640 = Rs.337/-m2  

Per Sqft rate for Elite – 90 Gypsum plaster = 337/10.764 = Rs.31.32/-Sqft


The approximate rate for gypsum plaster on the wall will be around Rs.31 to Rs.35/-Sqft.

The rate depends on the labour component.

In this rate analysis, I have considered only 1 mason for ground-level work.

In the case of high-rise buildings,

Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster
Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster

The labour component may change and the per square feet area for gypsum plaster can also change.

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So friends this was the basic rate analysis for gypsum plaster. I hope this article will definitely help you. If you like this information please share it with your friends & If I have missed any information or you have any suggestions then you can mention them in the comments section for more such blog posts just click subscribe to so that you won’t miss any new post.

If you want a PDF copy of this, 

Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster
Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster

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Per Sqft Rate Of Gypsum Plaster


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